Q: How high can the helicopter fly?
A: The helicopter range is nearly 5,000' above the ground (AGL) but for safety reasons we
average altitudes of about 100-400' AGL

Q: What cameras do you use  with the helicopter?
A: For video we use MiniDV cameras weighing approx 2-5lb. Currently we use a Panasonic
3CCD GS-250.  For still photography we use a Sony DSC-W1 5 megapixel or Canon Pro1 8
megapixel cameras.

Q: Can what the camera is shooting be seen in real time?
A: Our helicopter is equipped with a wireless video system with an operational range of up to
2000' line of sight. This signal is monitored in real time by a camera operator with our 5"
LCD display ground station.

Q: Can the helicopter fly during night time?
A: The helicopter cannot be used at night, but our 55ft. telescoping mast can be operated at

Q: How long can the helicopter remain aloft?
A: Average flying time is about 15-30 minutes.

Q: Can the helicopter fly during rain?
A: Flying is not possible during rain.

Q: What is the maximum wind speed for stable and safe flying?
A: Flying is possible up to 20mph. Gusty winds make unstable shots and compromise safety.
Frequently Asked Questions