Real Estate
Increase your sales while distinguishing your agency from all the rest! Low altitude aerial photos capture your client's home
and the entire property in one picture. Another benefit is that you can show commercial properties and their surroundings.

Low altitude aerial photos of your home and property can give you a personalized unique view.  Photos can be framed and
displayed in your home or emailed to friends and family. You can use them on your website or personalize your Christmas

Auto dealerships, restaurants, marinas, RV and boat dealerships are just a few examples of businesses that can benefit from
using low altitude aerial photos in their marketing. (Brochures, Post-Cards, Business Cards, TV Commercials, Newspaper)

Low altitude aerial photos can document construction projects from ground breaking to completion (Ideal way to get
before/after pictures).  You choose the intervals at which the photos will be taken. Our method allows engineers to showcase
their projects to potential clients by providing more detailed aerial photographs of completed projects.

Golf Courses & Resorts
Low altitude aerial photos are perfect for complimenting brochures, tournaments, and clubhouse displays.  Aerial photos and
video are a great way to create virtual tours of your course on your website.

Special Events
Sporting events, festivals, charity walks/runs, county fairs, tractor pulls, demolition derby's, weddings, family reunions, and
more. Low altitude aerial photos and video can capture all the fun and excitement from above with great detail.

Legal & Law Enforcement
Used as documentation for traffic cases, low altitude aerial photos can provide a better understanding of the case for all
parties involved. We volunteer our services to local police and fire personnel.

Commercials and Promos
Our helicam can provide aerial video which can be used in commercials and TV promotions.  We can hover the helicam while
panning and tilting the video camera beneath it as well as doing flyovers and flybys at various speeds too.

Farmland - Crop and Drainage Analysis
Using our helicam, farmers and property owners can view their fields from above to analyze crop conditions and potential
drainage problems.

Property Surveys and Appraisals
Our helicam can provide low altitude aerial photos to be used for displaying property lines and assisting in appraisal

Breaking News
We can deliver low altitude aerial photos of traffic accidents, major fires, and more to newspapers and TV stations. By using a
video camera on our helicam, we can assist authorities in search and rescue operations when searching a large area.

Structural Inspections
We can maneuver the helicopter into relatively tight locations to examine bridges, towers, and other structures.

Low altitude aerial photos allow landscapers to showcase their work without sacrificing detail. Make your business stand out
by using aerial photos to market your skills!

Claims require documentation and what better way to document all the damage than in one photo. Low altitude aerial photos
can help document damage to property especially if an aerial photo of the property exists before any damage took place.

Used for city and county zoning and planning, low altitude aerial photos are an efficient and valuable tool.